Doctors and Nurses highly praise for their prominent role in the healthcare departments or hospitals. However, there are other professional workings behind the scenes to ensure smooth running of the organization hospital/. They are called the Management team.
Our Management team comprises of professionals, who have a comprehensive knowledge of Administration, Hospital & Healthcare Management.
Our team has the depth of Industry Knowledge, Leadership Skills, Critical Thinking, Relationship Building, Ethical Judgment, Adaptability, and Quick Problem-Solving Skills.

Santosh Kumar Singh
M.ED, Education Planning & Management (T.U)
B.ED (T.U)
Current Position: Chief Administrative Officer

Working as an Administrative Head of Janakpur Neuro Hospital , Santosh Singh accomplishes proper responsibilities towards his job. He is orienting for organizing, overseeing, and supervising the daily activities of hospital management. He manages the staff, budgets, working as a bridge between the patients and doctors, and ensures adequate patient care amongst other duties.

Working Experiences & Achievements
Currently working as a Administrative Chief at Janakpur Neuro Hospital Pvt.Ltd, Janakpur Dham
Worked as a Project Coordinator under Terai Road Project (Program run by UNDP)
Worked as a Senior Manager at Aatish International Comapany, Janakpur Dham.

Amit Kumar Jha
B.SC MLT (Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
Current Position: Lab Incharge

Amit Kumar Jha is one of the responsible employees and an integral part of the management team.
His job and responsibility is to provide information for patient diagnosis and treatment by performing laboratory tests in toxicology, chemistry, hematology, immunology, and microbiology laboratories; receiving, typing, testing, and recording blood bank inventories
Working Experiences and Achievements
Working as a Lab In charge of Janakpur Neuro Hospital Serving as a Regional Manager at NovaTech Pathology & Diagnostic Center

Dipu Narayan Mandal
Current Position: Marketing Manager
Dipendra Mandal is one of the prominent members of the Management team of Janakpur Neuro Hospital .

As a marketing manager, his primary responsibility is to planning, directing, coordinating, and evaluating the hospital’s marketing strategies.
Furthermore, he is also responsible for overseeing the other marketing staff and meets the targeted goals.
Working Experiences & Achievements
Currently working as a Marketing Manager at Janakpur Neuro Hospital
Previously worked in the Marketing department of several Healthcare Department & Corporate Houses of Nepal.

Sunita Hangkhim Rai
Diploma in Lab Assistant at Ilam Technical Institute
Current Position: Medical Equipment Charge

Sunita Hangkhim Rai currently working as a Medical Equipment Incharge at Janakpur Neuro Hospital .
Her main responsibility is to the mechanisms for interaction and oversight of the medical equipment used in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. … The mission is to ensure that equipment used in patient care is safe, available, accurate, and affordable.
Working Experiences & Achievements
Currently working as a Medical Equipment Incharge at Janakpur Neuro Hospital
Previously took training and had job at Manmohan Memorial Hospital, Birtamod.

Rajeev Singh
BBA (International Marketing)
Certified Digital Marketer from Google EMEA (USA)
Certified SEO from eMarketing Institute
Certified Blogger from eMarketing Institute
Position: IT Executive & Digital Marketer

Rajeev Singh holds the responsibility and position of IT Executive & Digital Marketer in the Janakpur Neuro Hospital. He is responsible for creating, improving, and maintaining digital content to achieve targeted goals.

He is responsible for overseeing IT functions or specific technology functions within a Hospital. Furthermore, he is also determining IT budget and equipment needs.
Working Experiences & Achievements
Currently working as an IT Executive and Content Manager at Janakpur Neuro Hospital
Co-Founder at Zoom Digital Web Services
Innovate member of Change Schooling (an educational enterprises based in Portugal & Nepal)
Worked as an Administrative Assistant at Mudhbhary Joshi & Construction
Internship at Citizens Bank International Limited, Maharajgunj

Nand Kishor Sah
Current Position: Food Service Manager at Janakpur Neuro Hospital Pvt.Ltd

Nand Kishor Sah handles administrative roles relating to food preparation, staff, inventory, maintaining operational standards, and more.
Furthermore, he also plans menus with the assistance of the patients’ dietitian and kitchen staff.
Besides this, he plays a keen role in directing and presenting food for staff cafeterias in addition to public and private wards
.Working Experiences & Achievements
Working as a Food Manager and Canteen Incharge of Janakpur Neuro Hospital

Sujit Kumar Sah Current Position: Marketing Manager Working as a Marketing Manager of Janakpur Neuro Hospital ,
Sujit Sah very oriented towards his job. He is organizing, overseeing and conducting the daily marketing activities of Janakpur Neuro Hospital. Furthermore, he also involves in planning, directing and coordinating plan along with the Department of Marketing Head. Before landing his steps at Janakpur Neuro Hospital, he worked with several renowned organizations Nepal and Abroad.